Engineering - UIKit, AppKit, Cocoa

We live to turn challenging puzzles into beautifully implemented solutions. Team members have expertise in graphics, Cocoa, computer vision, rendering engines and work from all over the world. We are seeking a talented developer to join our engineering team and work on a variety of exciting projects. Interested in joining us? We’d love to hear from you.

More about Context:

We offer:
_ Remote work and flexible schedule.
_ A wide range of challenging Cocoa-centric problems to solve.
_ Broad exposure: Your work will be seen by thousands of users.
_ A highly acclaimed platform with a loyal user base.
_ A small engineering team.
_ A focus on quality solutions.

You are:
_ Experienced in creating iOS/Mac applications using in Xcode.
_ Fluent in Objective-C, C, Swift and Cocoa/Cocoa Touch.
_ Experienced in using Apple Frameworks to create custom experiences.
_ An English speaker with strong communication skills.
_ Experienced in using Apple tools and unit testing.
_ Equally good at refactoring as your are with architecting new code.
_ Obsessed with clean, reusable objective architecture.
_ Focused on workflow and user experience.

Bonus skills:
_ Experience with 3D modeling software is a plus.

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