LiveSurface gives back by donating to the Nature Conservancy. By using LiveSurface you won't only be saving resources that would be used in comping but you'll be helping to regrow and protect them. With every LiveSurface Image or Image Credit purchased here at 1% of revenue will go to The Nature Conservancy.
Born in San Francisco and evolved in Brooklyn, LiveSurface finds its inspiration each day in New York City. From international culture to sticker art, this city is a highly visual place. It's also a hub for creative friends around the world - including places like Holland, Italy and China. We hope to bring you more from them very soon!
Joshua Distler is a graphic designer with more than 20 years of industry experience, having worked for companies such as Apple (on Mac and iPod product packaging), IDEO, Metadesign and Wolff Olins. His work has received awards and honors from I.D. Magazine, Communication Arts, the Type Directors Club and the American Center for Design 100 Show, among others. Born in New York City and raised in Southern Vermont, Josh currently lives in Brooklyn.
The LiveSurface Library takes a novel approach to the image template business. We have a number of patents for unique methods used in delivering imagery with embedded 3D data and for photorealistic ink rendering. We embed 3D data into the images and layer shading and highlighting so that artwork can be applied simply and non-destructively. These things make LiveSurface the library of choice for professional studios.
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