June 04, 2016
Posted by Engineering
Illustrator CC 2015.3 support is live!

An updated version of Context is now available with Illustrator CC 2015.3 (June 2016 Update) support.

1. Quit any open copies of Illustrator.
2. Launch Context and select the beta updates option in Context Preferences.
4. Check for Updates from the LiveSurface Context menu.
5. Once the download completes, restart Context.
6. Verify that you are running Context version 1.1.774 or better from the About Context window. If not, please redo step 2.
5. Select Install Context Plug-in from the LiveSurface Context menu and choose the CC 2015.3 version. Your Illustrator CC 2015.3 Plug-ins folder should be automatically selected.
6. Complete the installation. You can now use Illustrator CC 2015.3 with Context!

Note: In Illustrator, we recommend that you disable autosave in Illustrator Preferences as this can cause stability issues. An update should be available shortly to address this.


April 20, 2016
Posted by Josh
New Illustrator? Install the correct plug-in.

From time to time we get user support requests when a user has recently updated Illustrator and notices that Context no longer correctly links. The solution is to re-install the correct version of the Context Plug-in for the new Illustrator install.

1. Quit all copies of Illustrator
2. Launch Context and Check for Updates from the LiveSurface Context menu to make sure you are up to date (if an update is available install it and relaunch Context)
3. Select Install Context Plug-in from the File menu in Context
4. Follow the steps and make sure you select the correct version from the dropdown menu for your new version of Illustrator
5. Complete the installation

Context should now launch the correct Illustrator version. If you are running Illustrator CC 2015, please disable autosave (more info about autosave).


April 02, 2016
Posted by Josh
New Surfaces

We are continuing to post new surfaces on a regular basis, making them available to our current subscribers at no additional cost. Lately the focus has been on displays. After wrapping up a photo shoot with products in-use, and in the studio, new surfaces have started to go up on the Context Surface Store.


November 30, 2015
Posted by Josh
Give a friend 50% off!

We did not want to miss out on the Cyber Monday fun so: Today only, you can give a friend 50% off a Context subscription and earn more points towards free access for yourself.


September 15, 2015
Posted by Josh
2015 Brand New Conference Giveaway!

LiveSurface is sending one design professional and one design student to the (now sold-out) 2015 Brand New Conference this month in New York City on September 24/25!

What you can win:
A ticket to the 2015 Brand New Conference, valued at up to $500!

How to enter:
Email us at with your name, status (student or professional) and a recent piece of branding from your portfolio. To double your chances and receive a second, bonus entry, make sure your branding is rendered in Context. Multiple entries are not allowed.

We will chose one design student and one design professional at random on Tuesday, September 15th at 6PM, NYC Time, and announce the selection on our twitter feed @livesurface and our blog on the same day. If you win we will contact you by email to verify your details. If we do not hear back within 8 hours we will draw another name so please make sure you have whitelisted

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