March 26, 2015
Posted by Josh
Win free Context access!

LiveSurface is giving away free access to LiveSurface Context! Both new users and existing paid users can win! Retweet and follow @LiveSurface to be entered. New users have a chance to win a month or a year of free hi-res access to the entire Context Surface Store. Existing paid users have a chance to get their monthly or yearly subscription fee refunded. We will select the winners next week at random. Good luck!


March 17, 2015
Posted by Josh
Thank You

In the last 24 hours you may have been unable to reach either the LiveSurface site or sign in with Context.

Late last night our data center (the provider that hosts the hardware that powers our web site and Context Surface Store) was running some server updates when they had a hardware issue that took their entire data center offline. We don't know the exact cause yet but this hardware failure prevented a large number of companies from providing their services throughout last night and most of the day today. Unfortunately, this group also included LiveSurface.

We'd been considering an upgrade for some time. So, once things came back online we immediately moved our site and Context services to a new upgraded server at a new data center.

Now that we're settled into our new home, and on our shiny new server, we wanted to say thank you for being awesomely patient and very understanding. There may be a few minor hiccups from the move so please let us know if you see anything that isn't working perfectly for you.



January 28, 2015
Posted by Josh
New Surfaces Available

We have just added a bunch of new surfaces to the Context Surface Store!


October 22, 2014
Posted by Josh
Announcing Signature Surfaces

Our first Signature Surfaces collaboration is with Tattly, the Brooklyn-based maker of awesome design-oriented temporary tattoos. LiveSurface + Tattly Signature Surfaces are now available to all paid LiveSurface subscribers and via Tattly's promo code. Now you can visualize your next brand launch as temporary tattoo artwork and, with the built-in guide, make sure that it's perfectly sized for production and ordering from Tattly once you've landed on a final design.


August 19, 2014
Posted by Josh
New surfaces available

New print surfaces are now available in LiveSurface Context (free for our current subscribers).

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