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Signature Surfaces.
Curated surfaces, built in collaboration with acclaimed designers and product producers, provide even more inspiring ways to explore and produce your design ideas.

LiveSurface + Tattly
Our first Signature Surfaces collaboration is with Tattly, the Brooklyn-based maker of awesome design-oriented temporary tattoos. LiveSurface + Tattly Signature Surfaces are now available to all paid LiveSurface subscribers and via Tattly’s promo code. Now you can visualize your next brand launch as temporary tattoo artwork and, with the built-in guide, make sure that it’s perfectly sized for production and ordering from Tattly once you’ve landed on a final design.
Check out Tattly’s line of customizable temporary tattoos and get your free access code.
Signature Surfaces require the latest Context update. To get it: Check for Updates from the Context application or download a free copy here.
LiveSurface is currently giving 1% of sales to charity. Find out more.
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