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LiveSurface images are high-resolution, print-quality photos with pre-built layer masks, surface data (Vanishing Point planes) and image components (such as shadows) on individual layers. Unlike flat stock photos, LiveSurface images are ready to accept your artwork without additional work.
Every LiveSurface image has been photographed as a RAW file and saved as a high-resolution lossless TIF. All images are high enough resolution for final offset printing at an average size of 12 inches on their longest side (30.5 cm) at 300 dpi.
Included with every LiveSurface image is an Adobe Illustrator sizing guide. Paste your artwork onto each surface represented in the guide to ensure that your artwork will fit proportionally.
LiveSurface images include pre-built Vanishing Point planes so that users can simply paste, position and scale their artwork on the desired surface to achieve realistic dimensional results every time.
    Vanishing Point Planes + Layers
  • Photoshop Vanishing Point planes embedded in every image file
  • Material layer mask for quick overall color fills
  • Layer masks with perspective (using transform tool)
  • Layer groups with layer masks
  • Layer masks include transparency for semi-transparent surfaces
    Editable layered images
  • Customize background color or add texture
  • Set background color to transparent for export and use in Adobe Illustrator
  • Turn shadow on or off
  • Customize overall object material color or texture
  • Modify layer transparency settings to simulate opaque or transparent inks
  • Stack artwork layers inside each face’s layer group to visualize various treatments
  • Completely hide the object surface to isolate the graphics
    High quality photography
  • Photographed surfaces for true texturing and shadow
  • All images shot as RAW files and saved as lossless TIF format
  • All images are 300 pixels/inch (118 pixels/cm.)
  • Photoshop CS-CS6 on Mac/PC
  • Illustrator CS-CS6 on Mac/PC for sizing guides
  • Vanishing Point planes require Photoshop CS2-CS6
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